property development with an investor mindset

the model

      Buy, Develop, Sell.

the objective

      Generate steady, consistent returns.

the method

  • SPECIALISE in type of housing stock, geographical area, type of scheme.

  • REPLICATE SUCCESS with a definite, repeatable strategy.

  • MITIGATE risk by sticking to a pre-defined, methodical appraisal formula.

  • MANAGE risk with a tested delivery process.

  • DELIVER recurring, comparable opportunity.


the investor mindset

Q: How do you develop with an investor mindset?

A: We've spent the last 8 years building and adapting our approach, our model, and its supporting systems to work this out. 'Road Testing' on £22M of projects whilst proving, refining, and repeating a cloud-based process capturing appraisal, presentation, delivery and reporting tools.




development by investors