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Introducing a team that is following its dream and finding better ways to deliver it.

Liquiditi typically invests equity totalling 25% of Total Project Costs: our skin in the game. Senior debt funding has come from institutional and private investors, including banks, building societies, development funding specialists, and private individuals.


Property is all I’ve ever done, and I have been developing in London since 2005.

Development has changed a lot since then; to succeed now you need to be highly professional and you need to be all over every detail. I did my MSc in Real Estate Finance at the Henley Business School in 2010 and qualified as a Chartered Surveyor on the RICS Planning & Development pathway, which means I speak the same language as our professional team and council planning officers. It also means that Liquiditi’s operations are regulated by the RICS, ensuring the highest standards and ethics. I read Architectural History at Cambridge, where I wrote my dissertation on housing development in Southwest London in the late 19th century. Victorian houses have enduring appeal and are adaptable to 21st century living. Taking their tired old bricks apart and carefully reassembling them into beautiful new homes is always rewarding.


I’ve spent the majority of my career developing and implementing growth plans for small businesses and have successfully taken initial projects and grown them into multi-million pound organisations. 


Time spent living, working, and simultaneously undertaking property development projects in London crystalized my views towards taking a formalised approach, replicating success and investing within a trusted team. I enjoy being hands on, driving business growth, designing processes and implementing solutions.



I am an equity investor and engaged with all aspects of Liquiditi’s project finance. I am a Buy-to-Let portfolio landlord, operate a successful furnished holiday let business, and alongside my career spanning over 40 years in the shipping industry – owning and operating my own companies – I have also renovated numerous residential sites, including our chateau in the Haute Garonne. Anyone who has renovated property will tell you it is a continual learning curve, which is why I take great comfort and pride in my involvement with the Liquiditi team, who through their experience are producing a tried, tested, quality product.


Memberships: Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.



I’ve spent my career finding ways to ensure transactions get done. I spent over 20 years working in the advisory business in the City, the last decade of which I was concentrating on the real estate and house building sectors which involved working extensively with colleagues in the real estate lending department. The numbers may have been bigger but it’s surprising how similar the principles are.


I left the City to help found Liquiditi, where I have been applying my skills ever since. I have a law degree and am also a qualified chartered accountant.



I have learned that generally, when borrowers do well, so do their lenders. Initially I founded Liquiditi to provide mezzanine finance to developers via intermediaries. There was a big variance in the type of opportunity and the ability of the applicants presented to me. One developer client stood head and shoulders above the rest, so we agreed to explore together the science behind what makes ‘a borrower do well’ then see, if we thought about it a certain way, we could capture it in a business model that properly aligned the two interests.


Past investments in Southwest London include numerous developments and Buy-to-Let schemes, but this is by a long way the most exciting model I have found. Now it’s time to share it.






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